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Hello, Dilkhush Grahini Oil is proving a Strategic Role in International Commodity and Consumer Product Market in the Raw and Processed Products including Orignisation Structure Building. It has a successful combination and outcome of market Intelligence, Resource identification, Processing technologies, Customers Needs identification and Financial Management Experience..

We have started our business in year 2002 with commodity market of Grains & Oils then after a long success we have intered in channel Sales with our Brands Mr.Chill Pill, Harvest Pride, Harvest Spices, Soft & Clinex Marketing & The Dilkhush Grahini...

Our Efforts & Experience must gives a better result to provide a Good & Healthy Product along with Best Business opportunity to our Channel Partners & Customers also. ..





About Us

The Dilkhush Grahini Oil is a Major Brand in Oil Division of Harvest Spices. The Harvest Spices is established in April 2012 with their wide range of Whole Spices & Dust Spices. We have 15 years of Experience in oil trading & after a longest Journey we have a Brand named Dilkhush Grahini Oil. Dilkhush Grahini Oil is started with a large range of different type of edible Oils like Mustard Oil, Soya Oil, Sunflower Oil, Palm Oil, Groundnut Oil, Cotton Seed Oil, Alsi Oil, Ricebrain Oil & Almond Oil. We plays a strategic role of International Commodity and Retail Products Market in the raw Edibles and Processed Spices and Food Products chain including Organizing.

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